Year One: Sprout

A year ago I started this blog out of an inspiration to write anything, everything.  There are poems, random thoughts, stories, and some pieces of art here and there.  Truly, the blog overall is irreverent, if anything.  I love that it has developed its own personality.

Although from a creative writing perspective, and in full transparency, I largely consider this year to be a failure.  I spent wayyy more time reading than writing.  I devoured over 100 short stories from American Short Fiction, Tin House, and Paris Review.  I went to the Miami Book Fair and didn’t even tell you guys.  I spent countless hours at Books & Books and Barnes and Noble, and tore through a dozen novels including See What I Have Done, The Kid, All the Birds in the Sky, A Moveable Feast, Ready Player One.  I sprinted through a few poetry compilations including Seamus Heany and Charles Simic.

Oh yeah, also spent way more time gaming than writing.  I’ve got so many good stories in my head but my alter-ego is extra competitive and can’t stand to see his dumpster rank in Hearthstone, or not participate in a Diablo 3 season, or not add one more prestige level to my Overwatch account.  I’m also a DM for over twenty years, and this past year I ran Curse of Strahd, Underdark, and a homebrew Dragonlance campaign for my wife and some friends.

So, little writing and lots of other stuff.  That being said I find some solace, some small comfort, in that I was able to create something.  It’s a tiny seed I’ve planted and have watched it grow over this last year into a little sprout of my collected experiences and musings.

This coming year I’ll do more book reviews, poetry, and short stories.  I’ll talk about food and more food because we have some amazing cuisine here in Miami.  I’m also adding game reviews because it gives me an outlet for my alter-ego and let’s me connect my gaming to my writing.  I’m still a Marlins season ticket holder so you might see a baseball post here and there.  Forgive me.

So that’s the plan.  I will undoubtedly fail again, but my successes will keep me anchored.  With more water this sprout will grow into something bigger.


M.E. Cabral

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