Marlins vs. Wizards

After a few moments of stunned silence
The umpire’s throaty voice filled the sky:
“Play ball!”
I looked back to the mound and saw that now a
Sword emerged, and quickly after
A knight sporting that long black sword
On its face?
From its helm, the long black sword protruded,
In one hand he held a mace, the other
A shield,
And standing across from him at 2nd base was an old man,
Long grey beard,
Tattered robes,
A new fishing rod in his hand
“I’ll catch you this time Billy”
“You can try” said the shining Marlin Knight
And his sword began to glow and fill with
Cafecito Energy
We watched

As a beam of sugary black light blasted out of the tip
Shooting across the baseball diamond
Smashing the wizard in the chest

Vaporizing him instantly
Leaving a pile of coffee grounds
On the grounds
Near center field

Marlins of Miami: 1, Wizards of Boston: 0


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