Sallie and the Temple of Doom

I’m a fish swimming in the sea of

collegiate medical instruction

my gills breathing in the academia

the biology, the chemistry, the electives

i see a stethoscope floating far out of reach

if i could just swim next to it to hear it

registering my heartbeat within my own scaly chest

but its deep down there in the dark part of the water

i just wanted a career

i’d done enough messing around i guess

but what if i didn’t love medicine?

one more year in this sea was an expensive mistake,

but it was all there, ready for me, made possible because

i could just take out another student loan

and fund my whole life,


my dear nature watchers see it here and now

as my debt soars above the clouds like a

beautiful bird, floating on the winds of interest rates,

looking down on me, waiting to furl its wings in close

and dive into the ocean and pluck me out

rake my credit score out of my heart

Sallie is the name of this soul crushing predatory bird

indigenous to North America

and here we see it now, nature watchers

look at how beautiful its feathers are

clutching my still beating heart in its talons

and somehow, i’m still alive

like that dude in the Temple of Doom

i remember they showed him his heart before

they lowered him in to the pit of student loans, too


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