Irma is bearing down on us.  I’m in North-West Miami Dade County.  We are just outside of the mandatory evacuation zones, but that hasn’t stopped many of my neighbors from packing up and heading North to Alabama, Tennessee, and elsewhere.  I have a cousin that fled to Naples two days ago.  Then he heard it was going there so he went up to Tampa.  Now Tampa is in the cone and he’s stuck.  It’s like there’s no escaping this thing.

My wife and I are still preparing and somewhat freaking out.  The truth is no matter where we live in South Florida everyone down here will be impacted by rain, flooding, hurricane force winds, and all of the other things Irma will bring.

I’ve boarded up my condo.  I spent some time at my parents house today helping my dad and brothers put up the shutters.  We’ve got enough water to last a month.  We’ve got 2 months worth of food for my infant son.

Tangent incoming:

When I was 7 months old, in August of 1979, Hurricane David tore through the Dominican Republic.  Today my mother showed me a book her and my father dedicated to me back in February of 1980 (when they bought the book.)  The dedication reads (translated from Spanish):

“We dedicate this book to our son Manuel, so that when he’s older, he can read about what happened when he was only 7 months old.”  I guess when you live on an island like the Dominican Republic, there is no evacuation.  You stay with your family, you let go and you let God.

Well… thanks to the Internet of things and social media, there won’t be a need to buy a book to show my son what is about to transpire here in South Florida.  He will be able to see it all with just a few clicks.

I will tell him that we did everything we could to prepare.  Maybe I’ll leave out the part about us freaking out a little.

The brunt of the storm is going to hit us early Sunday morning.  We will probably head to the in-laws in Hialeah to shelter the storm in their house which is like a bunker.  I’ll do my best to keep my family safe and hopefully make a follow up post to this, called, “coming home”, sometime next week.

Whenever we get power back!

Pray for us!

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