Writing in the Magic City

I’ll get right into it.  I’ve always held my work very close.  I’ve filled journals with short stories, poems, art, scribbles, questions, and more questions, and I rarely if ever shared this with anyone.  That ends today.

After my son was born, a little over three months ago, something inside me changed. Like I’d been in third or fourth gear this entire time and only now did I realize I could shift into fifth.  I’m inspired.  So with my inspiration and imagination running wild, I’ve needed a place or an outlet for it, so here we are.

I’m a Dominican immigrant, American citizen, and have been living in Miami for 28 years.  When I was a kid there were cows and grass and fincas everywhere in Miami.  My neighborhood in Miami Lakes was literally just cows near a road called Main Street.  Today those grassy places have been paved away and we are surrounded by more streets, larger bending and buckling highways, and bigger buildings and shopping centers.  The cows have not come home, either.

Being here so long, I’ve got some pretty cool stories to tell. Like the time the mayor of Hialeah punched a guy in the face on the 826 and it was all caught on tape.  Or how we went banging casuelas on 49th street when the Marlins won the World Series.  Or the time a storm named Andrew displaced my family and friends both physically and emotionally.  Or my time working for Bacardi, or Southern Wine & Spirits – both mega spirits companies with deep roots in Miami.

This blog will feature works of poetry and fiction.  Since I’m usually in the middle of a book, I’ll also add reviews of books, films, video games, art, and anything else we can get our hands on.

So what does writing in the Magic City mean to me?  It means:

All those things I mentioned but more.  I’d like for us to stop and smell the roses in this digital age.  I’d like for the Palmetto to not be backed up between The Bend and Hialeah every morning of my life.  I’d like to give a voice to other Hispanic kids like me growing up wondering what their place in this world is going to be like.  I’d like for folks not from Miami to know that Miami is more than the beach.

I may not be able to do anything about the Palmetto.  But this city and its people are growing exponentially.   So as the city continues to transform, the writing and the art we see everywhere continues to transform with it.   We will capture that.

We, because I’d like to take you on this adventure with me.


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