A vein

i enter this poem


out of respect for Yemaya


i quickly find a space in my ocean of thoughts

a bubble, to shield my heart against the current

of fear

of desire


in this bubble I float at first, but then sink

to the bottom of Biscayne bay, i let the waves take me in

i watch as the last rays of sun drown

above me and soon i am alone


too dark for fish, too deep for thought

like being in a room with no light

i wave your hand but it isn’t there

my heart hammers in my chest


sinking to the bottom of the sea

when suddenly

a grey fin like an arrow shoots by

to catch me: a floating sinking pearl, soft and round, and bright


but now i’m rising

my shield-bubble wobbling

the grey bottlenose dolphin clicking

my shield-bubble bursting


and i gasp for air


i blink slowly as the saltwater burns my eyes

i realize now

she was there, in my darkest moment

all this time


i watch el sol Caribe melt into the sea

like a golden honey potion

spilling into the horizon

the saltwater’s stickiness like fire on my skin


but my fear is transformed

my desire transposed


washed away


i leave this poem


not looking back

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